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Japan Rail Pass discount code 2020/2/14 08:04
Looking for a JR Pass discount code that I have recently seen but cannot seem to find now to knock a few dollars of the cost of a JR Pass.
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Re: Japan Rail Pass discount code 2020/2/15 01:28

a curious dot
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Re: Japan Rail Pass discount code 2020/2/15 02:14
I've never seen a discount code, but the prices do vary depending on who you buy your pass from. In the Past I often bought from Japan Experience out of Long Beach because they included free shipping. My upcoming trip I got a better rate out of IACE and did in person pick up to avoid shipping fees. But I still bought the pass on-line since you get a lower rate to buy on-line and then pick up in person vs. just doing it in person.

Using my Google-fu I found this webapge:

It seems Klook sometimes offers savings of about 1%. But again you'd have to compare with other on-line retailers. I've looked at Klook or voyagin for USJ tickets.

But there are no major discounts, we're talking like a $5-$10 difference between everyone at best, so unless you are a large group it is not going to make a huge difference.

Good luck!
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Re: Japan Rail Pass discount code 2020/2/15 02:46
Besides that, even if you get some small discount, and then they add a $20-30 Fedex charge to get the vouchers to you, then you end up paying more. It might be better to just call your local big agency - if they sell air tickets to Japan, then the chances are good that they also sell rail passes. And if you can just drive down there, you can pick them up on the spot and not have to deal with any courier charges.

All this should be fixed pretty soon with the passes moving to an e-voucher system - no more last minute purchases and pulling your hair out hoping the voucher arrives in time. It's way overdue.
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Re: Japan Rail Pass discount code 2020/2/15 04:17
The price is set/fixed in Japanese yen. Any discount you would get could be from a specific seller, but the margin the sellers make is tiny (around 3% commission).
Depending on the currency/seller you can see larger variations than that.
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