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Asakusa Kagetsudo Melon Pan 2020/2/14 09:55
When is the Melon Bun hot off the oven? I loved it the first time since it was warm, crusty on the outside, yet soft inside. However, the second time I was so disappointed since it was cold and no good at all! Canft remember when I went the first time, but the second time it was around 10am. Both time I visited the outlet at the corner of the covered street in between Sensoji Temple and ROX.
Can someone give some tips on the timing for freshly baked bun please?
If itfs cold would the staff warm it up if we ask?

Thanks, Mel
by Melanie Putra  

Re: Asakusa Kagetsudo Melon Pan 2020/2/14 14:03
If you're eating your bread inside the bakery (i.e. the bakery has an eat-in corner), most of them will warm it up for you if you ask. The phrase is "Pan wo atatamete moreamasu ka?"

As for the timing of when the bread comes out of the oven, that varies by bakery, but many of them poast signs with their schedules for the day/following morning.
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Re: Asakusa Kagetsudo Melon Pan 2020/2/14 15:01
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