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End date of working holiday visa 2020/2/17 02:55
Hi all :)

I'm applying for a working holiday visa in April and would ideally like to wait a couple of months after receiving the visa before traveling to save more money.

I wanted to know whether the end date of the visa is one year from the date of issue or one year from the date of arrival in Japan.

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Re: End date of working holiday visa 2020/2/17 10:32
Most probably will be from the date of your entry/zairyu card issued. That is the period of stay allowed.
Check your zairyu card. Due note that Zairyu card expiry date and period of stay can be different.

Visa issue/expiry date are not related to your residency stay period.

Visa expiry date means that you must use the visa within the expiry date to enter Japan.
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