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From Kansai Airport to Dotonbori 2020/2/17 15:42

I'd like to ask for help. I've been to Osaka once and I cannot remember the train routes that much.

Is there a direct or close station to arrive at Dotonbori street/area from Kansai Airport?

I searched from articles and my choices are either Rapi:t and the Rapi:t Nankai Express which takes about 40mins to arrive in Namba Nankai Station. However, my concern is that there will still be a long walk from that station to Dotonbori area based on the map (correct me if I am wrong). So, may I know if there is another station we can transfer to from Namba Nankai Station to another station closer to Dotonbori area?

or if not Nankai Express, do you have any alternatives? Basically, my end goal is to arrive in Dotonbori area easily.

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Re: From Kansai Airport to Dotonbori 2020/2/17 19:35
Did you try google maps at all? Just wondering, should be the ideal tool to ANA such a question
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Re: From Kansai Airport to Dotonbori 2020/2/18 08:52
The Namba Nankai Station is about a 700 meters from closest intersection of the Dotonbori district. You might want to get a taxi to your hotel, if that is too far for you to walk with your luggage. I consider 700 meters walking distance.
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Re: From Kansai Airport to Dotonbori 2020/2/18 10:06
It's super easy to get from kansai airport to dotonbori. The nankai train goes directly from the airport all the way to namba station, which is the station you want to get off at to walk to dotonbori. You literally exit the train, walk down the steps until you get outside and literally keep walking in that direction for about 5 minutes and you'll be there. Just make sure to check google maps and you'll have no issue to find it.
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