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FujiQ and Kawaguchiko Area 2020/2/18 06:47

We are a family of three traveling to Tokyo in April. We plan to go to Mt Fuji and FujiQ on the 10 of April from Tokyo and return the same day?

* Leave Shinjuku at 9 am
* Arrive at Kawaguchiko Station
* Go see the Chuerito Pagoda
* Take the Shibazakura Liner and visit the festival if open
* Then go to FugiQ - the Roller coaster
* Return back to Shinjuku by 9 pm

We want to finish visiting the Pagoda and the Shinbazakura festival by 2 pm and then spend 4 hours at the theme park.

Can this be achieved?
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Re: FujiQ and Kawaguchiko Area 2020/2/18 12:01
That sounds too tight.
If you leave Shinjuku at 9, you wonft get to Kawaguchiko area until noon/shortly before noon. So supposed you spend 1 hour at Chureito.
The Shibazakura Liner (if available on that day – in 2019 they started running beginning on April 13) will take 40 minutes one way (by their schedule, but I know it can take far longer on some days), and they have schedules like: 13:15, 13:45 departure, arriving at Shibazakura venue at 13:55 and 14:25.
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Re: FujiQ and Kawaguchiko Area 2020/2/19 09:44
Need to depart at 6am to make that work.

Also probably better to use train as it passes the pagoda. As if you bus it to Kawaguchiko. You need to double back to see the pagoda.
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