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Email address for mayor's office in Beppu 2020/2/18 09:20
I am looking for a map of Camp Chickamauga in Beppu. I understand that it is now the Beppu City Peace Park, I believe. However, I will be traveling to Beppu in April, 2020 specifically to look for the Lanik Theater that was once in Camp Chickamauga during the 1940's. The theater was named after my cousin, Gerald Lanik, who died a hero in WWII in 1944. No one in my family has ever traveled to Japan before and it would mean a lot to me if I could visit this theater or at least see the site where it once stood, if it has been demolished. Thank you to anyone who could possibly assist me. Kindest Regards, Christine Lanik-Kinyon.
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Re: Email address for mayor's office in Beppu 2020/2/18 14:07
A page from someone who looked into the Camp Chickamauga and its record in the National Archives in the US. The last photo on this page is the current (as of 2014) view of the location of the Camp.


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