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I want to change my surname in Japan 2020/2/18 12:39
I am a japanese citizen and my hubby is a filipino and we've been merried for 5years now. We do it at philippines but we registered our marriage contract here in japan soon after. Since then, i still using my last name and not my hubby's last name. Also our kids are using my last name. And now, i wan't to change my last name to my huuby's name. So my question is, what paper or what should i do to change my surname. Will my japanese citizenship will be gone and me and my kids will become philippine citizen when our last name changed into filipino last name? Thankyou
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Re: I want to change my surname in Japan 2020/2/18 14:27
Since itfs been some years since you reported your marriage to the Japanese authorities, you need to get a permission from a family court to change your family name.

This is just a link from a law firmfs website (not a personal recommendation):

I donft know what can be done about your childrenfs namec

Name and citizenship are two separate issues.
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