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Exploring Chubu Region in Nov 2020 2020/2/18 18:56
Hi all

I am planning another trip to Japan from 4 Nov – 19 Nov 2020 and would like to seek advice on the feasibility/logic of the following itinerary. Any advice will be much appreciated.

4 Nov – 5 Nov Tokyo
6 Nov – 8 Nov Matsumoto
9 Nov – Kamikochi
10 Nov – 12 Nov – Takayama
13 Nov – 15 Nov – Toyama
16 Nov – 18 Nov - Tokyo

6 Nov – 8 Nov
Rent a car in Matsumoto and travel to Nagano and Lake Suwa.
Should I drive from Matsumoto to Nagano, or just take a train?
Should I stay overnight at Lake Suwa, or is a day trip sufficient?

9 Nov
Stay overnight in Kamikochi

10 Nov – 12 Nov
I’ll be staying in Takayama and intend to visit Shirakawa-go/Gokuyama, Gujohachiman and Seki.
Looking at the map of Gifu, Gujohachiman and Seki seems pretty far from Takayama and the train journey takes approx. 200 mins for Gujohachiman and 142 mins for Seki.
Is there any passes that is useful for travel within Gifu prefecture?
Would it be cheaper and faster to drive from Takayama to these 2 locations instead?

13 Nov – 15 Nov
Actually I am not sure if going to Toyama is a good decision as I do not intend to attempt the Alpine Route again since I will be going in April 2020.
Do you think I should still go as it will look different in autumn?
Currently, I only have Kanazawa and Kurobe Gorge in my plans for Toyama.

16 Nov – 18 Nov
Back to Tokyo

Lastly, I do not think there is any pass that is suitable for the above itinerary. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you.
by Suanz  

Re: Exploring Chubu Region in Nov 2020 2020/2/19 18:28
Hi, if you are wanting to see autumn leaves you will be possibly missing them with your plan. I would hoof off to Takayama pretty much the day after you arrive as it is more likely to have full colour in very early November then work backward to Kamikochi (likely pretty bare and brown by then) and then back to Matsumoto
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Re: Exploring Chubu Region in Nov 2020 2020/2/19 19:20
The time of autumn leaves is different every year, but last year
Because the autumn leaves are turned from the place where the altitude and the date and time are high

「October 28」

「November 10」

【Low altitude】
「November 16」
"Tougo Park"

【November 30】
「Kanto Plain」

「December 12」
"Kamakura Engakuji"
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