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Staying in Ueno? 2020/2/19 18:57
I traveled already 10th time in Japan and stay 6th time in Tokyo.
I used to go with my husband. Now we are planning a trip in 2021 with our three year old son, so it will be quit an experience.
During our trip we stayed 1 time in Shinjuku, 1 time in Ikebukuro, 1 time in Shinagawa and 3 times in Hamamatsusho.
This time we are thinking about staying in Ueno. I think it could be good because of the direct train from Narita and the park where my son could play. What do you think of it?
Do you have any hotel recommendation with a child?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Re: Staying in Ueno? 2020/2/20 13:50
I also like the direct train from Narita idea. I usually go to Nippori, and stay there, which is close to Ueno.

I have thought about Ueno, but didnft find a Hotel near the park. The hotels seem to be on the opposite side of the station from the parks. They also seem to be a longer distance from the station.

Nippori is a stop on the Yamanote line, so it is convienent. It is between Ueno and Ilebukuro, it that helps.

I also have a second reason for Nippori, which is that my wife sees, a is a quilter, and I go to Fabric Town in Nippori to bring back fabric and notions for her.

Overall, Nippori is a smaller station, and it is easier to get from the train platform to the hotel, so I use it.
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Re: Staying in Ueno? 2020/2/22 23:06
Thanks ebaychucky311
I will consider Nippori. It could be nice also.
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Re: Staying in Ueno? 2020/2/23 05:03
I stay at the Tokiwa Hotel in Nippori. After you descend the Nippori Station escalator to street level, turn left and walk about 120 or so meters. The road will narrow to two lanes, but there are no twists or turns, just straight. If you reach the Post Office, you have gone too far.

The Tokiwa hotel has internet and a mini fridge in every room that I have stayed in. It also has a hot springs bath on the first floor, along with a vending machine with beer in it (last time I went, it was stocking Budweiser, along with Japanese beers).

There is a Chinese restaurant across the street. A little further down, there is a post office, with a ATM machine, and a convenience store, to stock your mini fridge with stuff and get anything that you forgot to pack.

There are two parts to Nippori Station, The Keisei private line, which goes to Narita Airport, and the JR line.

The JR part of the station has two platforms, a northbound and southbound, so itfs pretty simple. Ueno station is a 4 minute ride away, on the JR Yamanote loop line. The JR Keihin-Tohoku line also runs parallel to the Yamanote line towards Shinagawa, but then splits off and heads towards Yokohama. If you are going to Tokyo or Ueno station, just jump on the the first one that arrives at the southbound platform.

I hope this helps.
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