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Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/19 21:35
Looking to visit Japan during late fall or winter this year. Apparently Tokyo and Kyoto is really nice looking in early December.

I have been to Japan twice in October, seeing some fall foliage but never had the opportunity to go past October.

I guess Hokkaido and north Japan is too cold but maybe Okinawa is okay during that time.

There are some fall colors in the north as well I assume. There are no winter festivals though I guess,until maybe January or February.

Not sure so far what else I like to see, but would November or December be most worth to go? I wont go during Chrismas or New Years though.
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Re: Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/20 13:18
Hi, the further north you go the earlier autumn colours would be on, so December would be way too late. Kyoto usually has colour mid November, I have been there a few times late November and most colour browns off the last few days of November into early December.

That said early to mid December is a nice time to visit. It can get quite cold especially with the wind which can be bitterly cold when you are out of the sun. Seasonal food is good, tourist numbers are down a bit, it is a really good time for an onsen trip.
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Re: Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/20 13:35
I have been wanting to do a late November/early December trip to Japan for a few years now. Two things I have wanted to include is the sea-of-clouds view from Takachiho; fall colors in gardens in Okayama, Kyoto, and Kanazawa; the Kurobe Gorge; and the Chichibu Festival in early December.

I think itfs a good idea.
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Re: Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/20 14:15
There is usually quite a bit of colour left in the last week on November. We have been twice at that time, Nara is really pretty then. But the times we went the wind really picked up at the end of November and the colours went brown. Still a great time though. Personally to avoid crowds if I was wanting to see colour I would get into the alps (around Takayama) in the very beginning of November. Takayama Park is spectacular then, and some of the bus stops between there and Kamikochi were really nice as well, though by that stage Kamikochi itself is grey.
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Re: Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/20 18:24
Thank you for your replies :)

Weatherwise I guess cold winds wont be a avproblem as I live in the north of Europe. Being a true outdoor lover I do not mind weather.

But seems late Nov to early Dec seems like a good idea.

I was possibly thinking of going to Shirakami Sanchi (spelling) in the north of Tohoku but they say it is best in fall, unless it is too late for that by then...
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Re: Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/21 04:12
Yes, I've not been there but I have read that peak is mid to late October. The further north you go the earlier autumn leaves will turn, even in the Kansai region late November is often too late. If you want to see autumn colours you might have a better chance in Kyushu.
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Re: Japan 3 weeks late fall 2020/2/22 06:12
I have been to Kyushu so many times so I probably will concentrate on other parts of Japan for now. I was actually into going to Shirakami Sanchi last summer but I felt it was too much of a hassle to get there and getting around, with a lot of unpaved roads. Also, I suspect there will be a lot of people there as well. October is yet too early to go, so I might possibly aim for mid-late November.

Maybe that is still too early if wanting to see snow monkeys outside Nagano?

I hear many snow rich destinations in Tohoku are good for onsen visits though. Can't say I am into skiing though, as we have many ski resorts not far from here. Oh well...
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