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What is the best recruiting service to use 2020/2/20 10:45

I would like to hire 1 or 2 persons for a newly established company here in Japan. Not knowing anything about the available recruiting webpages, I would like to ask for some opinions and recommendations.

What is important for me:
1. Should be relatively simple to use.

2. Should not be very expensive to use.

3. Should be able to provide results in a short amount of time.

4. If the system has English support, that would be a plus.

I don't look for any specific people, but mostly not too expensive people, who can work on their own and if possible have experience in sales, especially in the telecommunication field. However, I would be open to hire also someone fresh out of university, since I have made good experiences with them. However the candidate should have good English communication skills.
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Re: What is the best recruiting service to use 2020/2/21 08:52
Craigslist is still used today for many businesses and it's free to list on there for jobs. I've done research for other job websites, though most of them cost money to put up listings.
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Re: What is the best recruiting service to use 2020/2/22 11:19
Check GaijinPot. We used them to find staff. Cannot remember what it cost to post an advertisement, but got a lot of hits.
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