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Passport and Visa Problem 2020/2/20 13:45
Hello I am currently designated visa holder, but i already sign for resignation from my current work in japan until March. This feb I renew my passport since it will gonna be expire this year. I got married last December and changing my current visa to SOFA visa. But my new passport will be arrived 1-2 months after i filled this february. Also what if after March I didnft have my new visa yet cause need to wait my new passport, do I get deported? But my old visa now, they canceled it after renew application. Any advice please
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Re: Passport and Visa Problem 2020/2/20 14:52
Ask immigration.
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Re: Passport and Visa Problem 2020/2/21 08:51
Only immigration can really help you with that question. Most of us here aren't lawyers or have legal advice on the immigration requirements, so I'd either just call the immigration office ASAP or a lawyer.
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