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Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 00:13
So I'm going to travel to Japan for the first time this summer and was wondering if $1000 is enough for 3 weeks in Japan (excluding flight and hotel). I was originally planning on bringing more and might be able to do so, but due to some unforeseen things I might not be able to bring more than $1000.
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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 06:08
It's a tight budget. You should be quite careful with it. I wouldn't spend it on souviners or anything of the sort. Focus it on food and travel and I think you should be okay. Food can rack up quite a bill in Japan, make sure to keep an eye on your bank at the end of every day.
You reduce the money you spend on food greatly by having instant food for dinner for maybe 7 or 10 days of the 21 day trip you will go on. Fortunately, instant food in Japan is delicious. Do visit restaurants and enjoy yourself. But please do be careful with your money. There are a lot of things in Japan that could make you want to spend it, but my advice would be to focus on your wellbeing.
Luckily, Japan is absolutely gorgeous and walking around costs nothing but energy and time.

Your highest priorities for your budget should go towards food and travel. Then, if you budget yourself well, you can afford a few cheeky days of good restaurants and amusement.
I went to Japan for three weeks and spent about £2300. I think that's about $2500. However, I was visiting my girlfriend in the country and the majority of my money was spent on her. So it's a poor measurement.

In short, I think you will be absolutely fine since your flight and hotels are paid for already. $1000 should be sufficient, but you must be strict with yourself. $50 a day just about creeps overbudget. I think you should set yourself about $30 a day and maybe sometimes jump up to $50/60 if you wanna try something.
Don't worry too much. Go there and having an amazing time. The country is very beautiful.
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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 08:17
It depends on where you want to go and how you get there. I assume you donft want to stay in one place for 3 weeks. You should look into Seishun-18 rail ticket if you want to go far (but on slower trains). $1000 divided by 21 is about $47.50 per day, so budget yourself accordingly.

Food-wise, you could eat 3 decent meals for about US$25 (no alcohol) if you choose frugally, or spend that much just for a breakfast.

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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 08:20
50 USD per day are about 5500 yen per day.

I think the biggest impact is going to be internal travel. If you just stay in Tokyo and around youfll probably have something below 1000 yen per day for trains. (Totally depending where you go. Google maps can tell you the actual price). But if you plan to travel around a fair bit, this goes up a lot. Eg a Shinkansen Ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto is about 14,000 yen, one way! Your budget for 3 days. If you also need to come back, your budget if 6 days goes only on this train ride. So this would be too tight. So check out bus travel and make sure you check your itinerary carefully for each ticket cost, otherwise youfll run out of money pretty quickly.

Did you say youfll travel this year in summer? If so, hotels in Tokyo will be very full and very expensive due to the Olympics. But as you say accommodation is already paid, I guess you are staying with friends or so. Otherwise you could potentially free up some money by traveling to cheaper locations outside of the big cities.

Regarding food generally lunch is cheaper than dinner. But also for dinner if you go to a ramen place or so and donft drink alcohol (but just the water/tea on offer for free) you can have a great lunch or dinner at 1000 yen or less. Good thing in Japan is that you donft tip, so the price you see on the menu is what you pay.

As PP said, with a tight budget it is imperative to control it daily so you donft run out.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 14:42
Even if usd. That is way too little.
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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 16:04
2000USD would be ideal for a 3-week trip.

Just like earlier about it being a tight budget,
It really depends on where you go and what you do. If you are in Tokyo, then maybe ok but if you go all over the place, trains are pricey.

Food.. is variable. Buy when you are only really hungry, avoid nightlife like bars and clubs, like some one said earlier convenience stores are ideal.

No souvenirs, just photos are fine.
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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 16:14
I think it's doable but you would struggle and it would severely limit your activities which could mean it would get boring. $100 a day would be heaps if you are careful, I think $80 a day would be fine, so I'd try to get to $1500 and I think you could relax more.
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Re: Is $1000 enough for 3 weeks in Japan 2020/2/22 16:32
My standard budget is $60/day, but that does not include hotels and big transportation passes. I usually stay in business class hotels, which usually includes breakfast. This also does not include an extra $300 for souvenirs. I also usually plan and set aside planned tours, like if I was staying in Takayama, and planning to take a bus tour of Shirahama-go.

Usually $20-$30 on meals & snacks, $10 on transportation, and $20-$30 on entrance fees. Even with a JR pass, there is usually some local travel costs, like a bus, subway, cablecar, or trolley system.

That budget will not cover a theme park like Disney Sea, or Fuji-Q, but maybe something small, like the Endoshima Aquarium. There are places, such as temples and shrines, that will cost nothing to visit, but I usually buy a book, and get stamps at each one I visit. I also usually buy a gsafe travelh charm from each, and place the on my day bag. This can add up.

One of my gWhoa, did I blow my budget!h days was on July 9th, walking around Temples and Shrines in Tokyo. I had an active JR pass that day, so all transportation was already covered.

I walked the Seven Lucky Gods pilgrimage (Shichifukujin Meguri). It starts in Ueno Park at the Benten Shrine. I ended up getting a charm and two stamps at all seven shrines, at well as a donation and burning incense. I also bought a fortune, a Temple stamp book (1st stamp), as well as the pilgrimage stamp sheet(2nd stamp), that you can frame, at the Benton Shrine. For my donations, I was told it was lucky to use three coins, and to use 5 and 50 yen coins, so I usually threw one 50 yen, and two 5 yen coins.

I also went to Sensoji Temple, for the 46,000 blessings. Here I did a donation, incense, the regular book stamp, and then the commemorative 46,000 stamp sheet, that, once again, you can frame. I also bought another fortune, figuring getting one after the 46,000 blessings was good.

Anyway... With no food, entrance fees, or transportation, I managed to burn through three days budget on a day that I just walked around.

I would say that you are going to be tight.

Good Luck, in planning your vacation.
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