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Buying wedding favours in Hokkaido 2020/2/22 23:57
we are planning to visit for the first time Japan and Hokkaido on May. I'm found of Ainu culture since I started learning Japanese so I thought about buying some wooden Nipopo dolls or couple sculptures to use as our wedding favours, in Sapporo. I guess you can find any at any souvenir shop but, given they are wedding favours, we are going to need around 50 of those. It's quite unlikely that you can buy a similar stock in normal shops. We thought about ordering them and I was browsing through some sites (I'm N2 level of proficiency), but I couldn't find any offering a service to my liking.
Someone living in Hokkaido could help me somehow? Thank you so much in advance.
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Re: Buying wedding favours in Hokkaido 2020/2/23 12:12
I appreciate your liking for Japan, and no offense intended, but what you are asking here sounds a bit like me (Japanese) saying: I like Navajo culture since I started learning the American English language, that I would like to buy Navajo wooden carved dolls in bulk, next time I visit Texas.

Ifve carefully formulated the above to convey the slight misunderstanding about different cultures of Japan.

Ainu has its own language and tradition, which is quite different from (for lack of better words) mainland Japanese; Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido, so I am sure they have all kinds of souvenirs, but that is not the center of Ainu culture.

You should check with Abashiri city, that is where the Nipopo dolls are famous, and the inmates in the Abashiri Prison have been carving these dolls.

Sold by Abashiri city tourism association (currently their web shop is under maintenance):

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