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Pension return - Closed bank account 2020/2/25 07:00
I filed all the paper work for the Pension Refund back without any complications. But then, a few weeks later, I had closed the designated bank account, completely forgetting I needed it for the refund. I've received the letter from the Japan Pension Service today stating that everything is on schedule for the lump-sum withdrawal, which reminded me that I erroneously closed the account. However, I can't re-open the account.

Anyone know if they send a check after trying to deposit to the account and it is not possible?
My Japanese is really basic, I am not able to explain this in Japanese... Do you recommend to call them anyways?

Thanks very much for any possible help!
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Re: Pension return - Closed bank account 2020/2/25 15:11
I would call them and explain what happened. If you're worried about your Japanese, do you have any friends who speak more fluent Japanese that can help you to understand?
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