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Starting work after more than 3 months 2020/2/25 15:01
Dear All,

I got my high skilled visa and also got my residence card after landing in Japan this January.

However my company informed the project would get delayed, so I went out of Japan.

The project will start in May. But it will be more than 3 months since my residence card issue.

Do you think I will be able to enter Japan and start working in the project after nearly 4 months delay from residence card issue?

I heard the work visa status gets canceled if one is without work for more than 3 months.

Please share your suggestions. Thank you!
by Amin123  

Re: Starting work after more than 3 months 2020/2/26 09:27
We aren't immigration lawyers here. I would just contact immigration and ask them since they can give you a clear answer.
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Re: Starting work after more than 3 months 2020/2/26 10:15
This you should ask your company to check with the immigration.
The company has issued a visa for you.
Best is to take proper action right away before you are having more difficulties.
Currently you are not complying with the requirements of the visa, and this you should handle asap.
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Re: Starting work after more than 3 months 2020/2/26 17:16
The company has not issued a visa, justmyday. It was the immigration authorities, the government, who did.

But if the company wants you to start in May, the company should check with immigration office if you can come back on the current resident status later (it should be OK, though, if the employment contract is still valid from now through May till later).

The "few months" is a time between employers, or time between contracts. In your case, it was a delay in start timing, so it sounds ok (I am not lawyer, though).
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