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How to buy BTS Map of The Soul Tour in Japan? 2020/2/26 23:42
Hello. I am not living in Japan. But I will go to Japan for holiday in 24 July til 2 August because they are literally have 6 concert in Osaka so I think the chance will be bigger (?) but I read so many comments about how it is so hard to get the ticket, especially if u donft have the japan fanclub membership. And to apply for the membership youfre going to have address and phone number in Japan. And itfs a lottery system so even when I already got the membership that doesnft mean I will be sure to get it. Ifm so frustrated since I feel the membership is not that cheap for an uncertain system. The mobile membership is much cheaper so I think I will use my relationfs address and phone number and go for it. But now my concern is how to pay for the ticket (if I got super really really lucky haha). Is it okay to use credit card from my country? Or it should be from Japan local bank?
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Re: How to buy BTS Map of The Soul Tour in Japan? 2020/2/27 13:42
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