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Japan itinerary 2020/2/27 22:19
Dear all,

Ifm planning a trip to japan upcoming April.
Ifm still open to change the whole itinerary.
Most important to me is to take my time to take in what Tokyo has to offer. And I love nature. High mountains, waterfalls, lakes, you name it.
I had another forum open and had gotten the best tips but I canft find it back.
This is what we got from it :

Stay 6 days in Tokyo
Then I was thinking of doing the 5 lakes while being there or just lake kawaguchi or stay a night in Nikko, maybe hakone ? But I heard hakonees cable car is under construction. So might not be worth it.

The go to Kyoto Stay the night
Do a whole day in takayama with the JR Line to see the festival on the 14th come back to Kyoto for 2 nights

Take the kintetsu pass For two days
Go to nara, check in bags , via tot mount yoshino, go back to nara and visit naar the next day.

Then go to osaka to have a night out there

I will leave back to Tokyo after that and my brother will continue his trip from osaka to hisoshima and Kanazawa.

This will be our first trip to japan.
What are your thoughts? Is there anything we should replace with something else ?
Ifm staying two weeks and my brother is staying for almost 3 weeks.

What would be the best for transportation?

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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/5 06:30
This website is very helpful when I first came in Japan.
So please check Japan-guide.com by yourself.you will get
A Lot of information about Japanese people, its Land ,rail pass etc etc
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/5 10:11
Hmmm... This looks very similar to what I suggested to someone about a month ago. Check gJapan Itinerary Tipsh in the travel forum.

Because of the Coronavirus, I am not sure that the Takayama Festival will be held. The other problem is that Kyoto to Takayama is a long distance for a day trip. I looked it up on Hyperdia, and it is over a three hour train ride on JR rail.

You could try staying in Nagoya, and that would give you a 2 1/2 hour train ride to Takayama, the final Limited Express Train back to Takayama is just after 6 PM, so you would miss any evening festivities, like the parade. I would not advise it, either. I think you need a hotel in either Takayama, or Furukawa (a village nearby, which has a drum festival a week later).

It every hotel is sold out, which I expect, then you could try taking night highway busses from the Nohi private bus line (The website is in English, and they also have bus tours with English speaking guides to Shirahamago). You can get an overnight bus from Tokyo to Takayama, and another overnight from Takayama to Kyoto.

Speaking of Nagoya, If you are looking for something else interesting to do outside Hakone, think about going to Nagoya, and going to Nabana No Sato, which is a nighttime illumination at a garden. Check out images of this on the web, you might like this.

If you get a longer Kintetsu pass, you could you it to get from Kyoto to Nara, visit Yoshino, also go to Osaka (Namba Area, and by bus, other places), and go to Nagoya. I have personally also wanted to go to Iga Ueno, which is between Osaka and Nagoya, which can also be done on the Kintetsu pass.

Is this the type of information you needed?

Good luck, in planning your trip.
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/5 11:02
Sorry... stupid autocorrect did evil things...

There are tour busses from Takayama to Shirakawago, and the Nohi bus line offers some with English speaking guides.

If you plan to go to Takayama, I would recommend going to the Nohi bus line website, to check out some of their other packages. Personally, I want to visit Takayama for next years spring festival, and take some of the Nohi tours, between the Takayama and Furukawa festivals, which are a week apart.

Once again, good luck, in planning your trip.
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/5 23:27
I just went on JAPANiCAN, and checked Takayama on the 14th. There are hotel rooms that can be booked! BOOK NOW!

I am planning on going next year, and I am planning on booking my hotel in Takayama six months in advance.

I have no clue if the festival will be held, but if you are going to try an go during the festival, take advantage of some of the cancellations that have occurred because of the Coronavirus.

Once again, good luck in planning your vacation.
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/6 23:27
Thank you so much!
Yes this was exactly the information that I was looking for :) love the tip about the light garden !
Do you think wefre better off taking a JR pass if we want to win time? Or not worth it..
Better sticking with kintetsu pass?
This is only for Kyoto,nara,osaka , nagoya?

What would you advise us to take from Tokyo to Kyoto? And for my brother from Osaka to Hiroshima to Kanazawa back to Tokyo?
Hope to hear from you!
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/7 01:33
Am I correct that you and you boyfriend are from April 7th to April 21st, and your brother is April 7th to April 27th?

The thing about Takayama and bus -vs- train is that itfs about an hour savings by train, and costs a lot more. You also have to change trains in Nagoya.

If you were planning to pull out the stops, and get a Green JR pass, then there is the scenic value in taking the wide view Limited Express Train from Nagoya to Takayama. The lead car on a wide view is first class, and you get to look out the front of the train. Seats 1C and 1D are the best.

When I travel to see Nachi Falls, I usually book 1C when I take the Wide View Limited Express from Shin-Osaka Station, to KiiKatsurra Station. I also get a bag of hard candy, to hand to the kids, whose parents bring them to the front car to see out the front. They usually stay for 5-10 minutes, and love watching as we go through the coastline tunnels.

Do I have your dates correct? Would you like my suggestion for a day to day itinerary?

Good luck, in planning your trip.
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/7 19:26
Just a day trip to the Five Lakes or a day trip to Hakone is enough. You don't have to stay there for a night.
If you are looking for an accommodation in Tokyo, then please check our website: www.tokyo-furnished.com
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/8 06:41
Yes very correct! And I would absolutely be very appreciative if you wouldnft mind doing a day to day itinerary!
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/8 06:42
Sorry my brother will be there till the 25th he changed his flight :))
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/9 01:09
Possible Itinerary:

April 7: Arrive in Tokyo -I am not sure which airport you are coming in on, Narita or Haneda. I am going to suggest you stay near Shinjuku Station. You will need to research transportation options for each airport. I am going to suggest 5 days, which is less than you suggest. You will pick up extra days in Tokyo at the end of the trip. Look in Japan Guide - Plan Your Trip - Transportation, to figure out if you want a rail pass, taxi, limo bus, or other methods to get from the airport to your hotel.

Get a Prepaid IC card, probably a SUICA Card. This can be used in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and other places in Japan. Once again, look in Japan Guide - Plan Your Trip - Transportation - Transportation in Tokyo, For a link for a Prepaid IC Card, as well as possible Tokyo passes. There are lots and lots of passes that you can get. Once again, you will need to tailor the passes to your needs.

Why Shinjuku Station? Because of the day passes that are available in and around Tokyo from Shinjuku Station. In addition, the Nohi Highway bus for Takayama departs from Shinjuku Station. Again, check out Japan Guide - Plan Your Trip - Transportation - Rail Passes, for options.

There is also a very beautiful park near Shinjuku Station, after to get to your hotel, just walk around, go to the park, hit a convenience store, and eat lunch and dinner, and get over jet lag.

April 8th - Shinjuku
April 9th - Shinjuku
April 10th - Shinjuku
April 11th - Shinjuku

Once again, I do not a magic 8 ball, that will tell me the weather on every day of your trip. Your trip, your decisions. There are Tokyo Metro passes, a Hakone Free Pass, a Endoshima pass, a Tokyo Wide Area Pass, and I cannot tell you which will be best for you.

I am going to give you an possible, and I mean possible purchase. I am going to throw a dart, and say you land at Narita.

It is raining... I may get a JR Narita Express Ticket to Shinjuku for 3000 yen, or, if there is a Limo Bus that goes directly to my hotel a Limo Bus. Itfs wet out, and I would probably go to my hotel, and then go back to Shinjuku Station and stay indoors.

It is sunny and beautiful out... I may get the JR Tokyo Wide Pass for 10180 yen, which includes the Narita Express Train. This is a three day pass, and I would go to Mount Fuji on the JR Limited Express direct train. On the 8th, and perhaps go to Kawagoe the 9th, to visit the warehouse district, and candy alley.

I cannot predict the weather, and so you are going to have to have sunny day, and rainy day, plans.

April 12th - Nohi Bus to Takayama. Stay in Takayama for 3 nights.
April 13th - Nohi package day tour.
April 14th - Takayama Festival.

Look on the Nohi bus line website for ideas.

April 15th - Nohi bus to Kyoto Stay for 2 nights.
April 16th - Kyoto

Look at day bus passes to get around Kyoto.

April 17th - Check out of you Hotel, get a Kintetsu 2 day pass, go to Nara, drop your luggage at you hotel in Nara, go to Yoshino on the Kintetsu pass for the day, and return to Nara. There is a Hotel right next to the KintetsuNara Station, that may be a good fit.
April 18th - Check our of your hotel, have your luggage held for later pickup, visit Nara in the morning, collect your luggage, and take the Kintetsu train to Osaka Namba in the afternoon .
Stay in Osaka Namba for 2 nights.
April 19th - Osaka Namba. Your brother will activate his 7 day JR pass, and possibly use it to get around Osaka. You and your boyfriend will use the IC card, or a one day pass of some sort.

(You and your boyfriend)
April 20th - single Shinkansen ticket back to Tokyo
April 21st - Fly home

(Your Brother)
April 20th - Go other places. I think natural wonders, and shrines/temples are best, because of the Coronavirus. I believe a bubbling hotpot in Beppu, a waterfall, or a beautiful vista, will not be affected by a Coronavirus, and people will still need to pray for good health. These will stay open. The Hells of Beppu, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Nachi Falls, Amanohashidate. go back to Tokyo, and possibly Matsushima Bay, as a day trip from Tokyo.
April 25th - fly back.

Good Luck, in planning your trip.
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/9 15:19
You never mentioned Kawagoe, and I probably should not have added it in. The warehouse district is a well preserved section of town, that looks like the Edo period. There is a direct JR liner train from Shinjuku to Kawagoe, and it takes about a hour to get there, and costs 770 yen, each way.

Itfs the Japanese version of going to Deadwood or Tombstone. Candy Alley is a street selling the current, and old fashioned treats, that might be in an old five & dime.

Since itfs only a hour away, itfs also possible to go the day you land in Japan, it you arrive early morning or afternoon.

I was short on your brothers final days. I think he should go as far away from Tokyo first, and then work his way back. I am going to include Beppu, just because itfs a natural wonder, even though itfs not on his list of places to go. Itfs the second largest Caldera in the world, following Yellowstone.

April 20 - Osaka to Beppu. This is just over three hour trip, from JR Namba to Beppu. At the station, book a gHells of Beppuh bus tour, put your luggage in the busses undercarriage, and enjoy. At the end of the tour, the bus makes stops at several hotels/hot springs resorts. This is his gHot Springsh experience.
April 21st - Beppu to Hiroshima. Drop off luggage at hotel near Hiroshima Station. Head to Miyajima Island and the A-bomb Park.
April 22nd - Check out of Hotel and have them hold your luggage. Go to Bunny Island (Okunoshima, this was a desired place to go on an earlier post). Return to hotel and collect luggage, and head towoards Tokyo, possibly stopping in Okayama, Osaka, Kyoto or Nagoya. If he wanted to see the gardens in Kanazawa, I would tell him to go to Okayama, and hit the gardens after dropping off his luggage at the Hotel. I believe Kyoto might be best, because I shrunk you visit to Kyoto, but if Nabana No Sato looks interesting to him, go to Nagoya, and do that in the evening.
April 23rd - Day in Kyoto? Head back to Tokyo? Hakone?
April 24th - Day trip to Matsushima Bay, or a relaxing day in Tokyo shopping for souvenirs.
April 25th - Fly home.

If your brother passes on Beppu, and would rather include Amanohashidate:
April 20th - Hiroshima & Miyajima Island
April 21st - Bunny Island, back to Kyoto
April 22nd - Day Trip to Amanohashidate.
April 23rd - something around Kyoto. The gardens of Okayama might be a good substitution for Kanazawa. This could be an extra day in Osaka or Kyoto, or someplace new, like Kobe for the Cablecar & Ropeway up to Arima Onsen. evening train to Tokyo
April 24th- Day Trip to Matsushima Bay, or, a day trip to see the snow Monkeys near Nagano.
April 25th - Fly home

I like the idea of getting to Tokyo on the evening of the 23rd. This allows for a day trip for Tokyo with a JR pass, or just shopping. He may not even want to go to Amanohashidate or Matsushima Bay, and they are optional side trips, but with Miyajima Island, they do complete the gThree most scenic views in Japanh, and scenic views seems like a good thing to do, with the fears about Coronavirus.

What? Are the going to put up barricades at the scenic views, to protect people from the Coronavirus?

Once again, Good Luck, in planning your trip.

I am includinf
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/11 16:57
Do you know JR-Central discount ticke 'Flex rail-ticket'??
I think, its good to use it!
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Re: Japan itinerary 2020/3/12 01:01
Yes... I am aware of the Flex Ticket, and the Platt Kodama Ticket. I believe both are no longer available by the end of this month.

Both would have given a discount on a single Shinkansen bullet train ticket, for the return trip from Osaka back to Tokyo.

I am not sure if they would exist, or if something new is going to replace them.
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