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Bus Pass Itinerary and cancellation policy 2020/2/28 00:23
The Willer Express Page is so confusing. I'd made a 5 days pass itinerary, but I don't know what covered by Willer Pass, what covered by JBL Pass, and which route isn't covered by any pass, but I still can find on the page... And how can I figure it out?

1. Osaka to Toyama (22:00 WBT Umeda-Toyama)
2. Nagano to Tokyo (13:00 Nagano-Shinjuku) and Tokyo to Hiroshima (20:00 Shinjuku-Hiroshima)
3. Hiroshima to Kobe (23:10 Hiroshima-Kobe Sannomiya)
4. Kyoto to Tokyo (22:55 Kyoto-Shinjuku)
5. Tokyo-Fuji Five Lakes (6:45 Shibuya-Kawaguchico) and Fuji Five Lakes to Narita Airport (13:15 Kawaguchico-Narita)

My second question connect to corona virus (so boring:)). If I'm right the bus pass is fully refoundable if somebody doesn't use it at all. So theoratically if I buy a pass, book my busrides, but my plane will be cancelled. Can I cancell my bookings first and get a full refound?

Thx the answers!
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Re: Bus Pass Itinerary and cancellation policy 2020/2/28 11:26
Willer express bus pass: 10200,12800,15300yen(3,5,7 Day Mon to thu)
12800, 15300 yen(3. ,5 Day ... All Day)
Japan bus Lines JBL pass:11000, 14000, 18000(3,5,7 day Mon to thu)
15000, 20000,28000 yen(3,5,7 day All day)
Our Japanese friend will give you answer to your question
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