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Glass & wood/bamboo container? 2020/2/28 17:51
Is there any shops in Japan either physical (in Kobe city)or online that have plastic free food storage containers like these? (bamboo lid or wood lid and glass container): https://www.amazon.com/Rectangular-Containers-Eco-Friendly-Multi-Pack-...
If shipping plus the currency exchange rate were not so bad I would just buy them from this U.S. amazon, but its expensive since yen is always weak. I checked the same product on Japan amazon and they want 10 times more than the American amazon price. Maybe I was not looking the right term up in Japanese to get better results.
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Re: Glass & wood/bamboo container? 2020/2/28 22:42
If it doesn't need to be exactly that one, there are a lot of options coming up on amazon.jp:


Within the first hits there are sets of different sizes at about 3000 - 4000 Yen.

Did you check Tokyu Hands? of Loft?

Loft has these round ones from Weck: https://www.loft.co.jp/item_search/detail.php?id=4520535250047

or these square ones made out of metal: https://www.loft.co.jp/item_search/detail.php?id=4976045060018

or other square ones. Here the cover is made out of polypropylene, but the rest is glass. Not sure if that is already too much plastic: https://www.loft.co.jp/item_search/detail.php?id=4963972887627

This one for butter is only porcelain and wood: https://www.loft.co.jp/item_search/detail.php?id=4954192262516

BTW, if you don't want to invest anything, you can just use glasses e.g. from jam. There are enough food that is sold in glasses. Just don't through away the glass and the cup, and you can reuse it as a food storage container.

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Re: Glass & wood/bamboo container? 2020/2/29 19:28
thank you for the links LikeBike but unfortunately all the links/examples you linked are not entirely plastic free, the lids are made of plastic. I specifically want a glass container with a bamboo/wood lid it cannot be plastic because it defeats the purpose of the container being plastic free if half the container (which is the lid part) is not actually plastic free. It seems then it might be impossible for me to get an entirely plastic free glass container with bamboo/wood lid in Japan since the plastic free movement/lifestyle is not really catching on in Japan. I might just have to spend alot of money importing it from the U.S. amazon.
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Re: Glass & wood/bamboo container? 2020/2/29 19:40
I forgot to mention that the container will be used for a lunchbox/cooked food storage, that is why in the link of the one as an example of one I would like to get is a lunchbox shaped container (a rectangle shape).
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Re: Glass & wood/bamboo container? 2020/2/29 22:30
There are definitely lunch boxes made entirely out of metal. And really high class ones made out of wood entirely.

Ifd recommend to go to a well stocked kitchen supply shop.
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Re: Glass & wood/bamboo container? 2020/3/18 08:21
are you interested in olive wood items?
I can find them for fair prices
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