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Issues Getting Bank Account / Phone 2020/2/29 20:15

I'm an American who recently (a little over 1 week ago), arrived in Tokyo, got my resident card at the airport and began working at my company (received work visa before resident card).

I just finished my first week of work. I am currently staying in an Airbnb, of which I rented an apartment for 1 month. I might extend the Airbnb for another month, while looking for a more permanent apartment with 2 year lease.

I need to now get a phone number and bank account but there are some issues.

First: To get a phone number, I believe I need an address, but I don't have one, and i don't know if it's legal to use the Airbnb address since it's not my property.

Second: I need to get a bank account, but to get a bank account, I need a phone number and address, and I believe the address needs to be on my resident card. Same issue, I'm staying at an airbnb, and I can't put that address on my resident card. Also, I believe you need to show a utility bill, or some kind of proof that the address is your property.

It feels like an endless loop where I can't get a phone or bank account, because I don't have a permanent address. Anyone know what my options are? I was told Shinsei bank is a good option, do they require an address? The address is also important for receiving mail, not simply the act of opening a bank account. Possible to use my companies address to receive my mail?

I really need to have a bank account soon to start receiving my work payments. Wanted to get all your thoughts on this on the best approach, thank you.
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Re: Issues Getting Bank Account / Phone 2020/3/1 12:14
Yes, it is very circular.

Wait until you go to get a phone number and they ask for a phone number for the contract - took me 40 minutes arguing with BicCamera a few years back before I got past that one. Also, while it is easy to get an 050 number, Shinsei could make life easier by simply saying they need a real mobile number.

I 'm pretty sure Shinsei need an address - KYC/AML rules and all that. (You'll also need a "MyNumber" card fairly soon.) You could use your work address or the AirBNB one as you are there a couple of months. You have to notify an address within two weeks to your local city hall anyway. Also, the people selling you a sim/voice plan will need to see your residence card (for eligibility) and you will need one for mail - they send you stuff".
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Re: Issues Getting Bank Account / Phone 2020/3/1 21:39
I had similar issues when I first moved in with getting a phone number and bank account. You're okay to register your AirBNB at your local Ward Office (in fact, you're supposed to register yourself within the first 2 weeks of arriving). After you've registered, go get the phone number then finally, the bank account (Shinsei needs a non-050 Japanese number--they called it in front of me).

Good luck
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Re: Issues Getting Bank Account / Phone 2020/3/2 08:16
Thank you for your answers.

Do I need my address printed on my resident card to get a phone number or open a bank account with Shinsei? Or can I open both without having a printed address?
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Re: Issues Getting Bank Account / Phone 2020/3/2 11:17
Yes, you need it printed on your residence card (they'll do this when you register your address at your local City/Ward Office)
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