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My Chances of Acceptance at Waseda SILS? 2020/2/29 23:56
Hello, I am currently a high school student and I am half Korean half Japanese.
According to SILS application guidelines, it says it takes the applicant's internationalism into account a lot so I am hoping that my international background might push my application higher...

SILS students or former SILS students, please let me know what you think about my chances of getting accepted!

Here are some details about myself that I included in my application:

- I have studied abroad at various international schools for 12 years, lived in three countries, and moved schools seven times due to my father's job.
- I speak four languages
- New SAT Score: 1250
- TOEFL: 99
- GPA: 6.2/7 --> I take five IB subjects
- For my essay, I wrote about globalization in K-POP and how that have motivated me and taught me and other Asians that we are also capable being in the "mainstream" - something along those lines

I applied for the second round as I could not finish my essay on time on the first round - will this affect my chanced of getting accepted? I already got accepted to Sophia University but I really want to expand my decision!!

by Lya223 (guest)  

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