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Japanese university; online school student 2020/3/3 11:19
I'm 16, in 10th grade and I want to go to Japan for university. I don't know a ton of Japanese right now but I believe I can learn enough by the time I need to apply for university if I'm dedicated. Although, if I ended up not being able to, I would go to an English-speaking one in Japan.
The thing is though, instead of attending public high school I do an online (virtual) school from home. However, the curriculum is similar to a public high school, if not the same. Would I still be able to get into a Japanese university? If not, could I do 11th and 12th grade at my local public high school to get in, or is it too late now??
All answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Japanese university; online school student 2020/3/4 14:25
At first you complete 12 years of education in your own country. Then you apply Japanese university. Thousands of foreigners chose language schools for study. But I strongly suggest you to apply Japanese university for your higher education.
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