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Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/5 21:16
Hi. I have selected to follow a master's degree and I got my visa. I have a 1.5 years old son. Can I bring him with me with a tourist visa until I obtain dependant visa.

Thank you
by Samanthika (guest)  

Re: Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/6 13:27
Yes you can bring your child on a temporary visa and apply for a change but obtaining of a visa is never certain and depend on the situation. In case the visa is rejected you need to send your child back. It would be better to apply a CoE in Japan for a dependent visa.
In the case of "Dependent" status the main criteria are whether the relationship is genuine and whether the sponsor's financial resources are sufficient to support both the sponsor and the dependent. The Dependent visa applies to your spouse or your child/children that are financially dependent on you. In case of being a student this may be difficult but again it depends on each situation.
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Re: Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/6 14:37
is OP a man or a woman ?
I think you are requested to attend school as a full-time student. what is your plan to take care of your baby during you attend the school ?
it is uncommon that school has some facilities to take care of small children in Japan.
does the professor, who takes care of you as a student, know your situation ?
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Re: Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/6 16:31
Dear Samanthika,

I hope you are Sri Lankan lady (by the glimpse of your name)
Your question was very much similar to mine and back in 2017, I changed Tourist visa to Dependent visa for my (then) 7 month old son. I also did my Masters while applying for the CoE but later changed my mind and brought my wife and son here .
It nearly took 3 months to get hold of the visa even applying here from Tokyo as it merely depends on the waiting time and number of applicants before you. I hear that it is the same situation too for the time taken.
So please consider all the options. If you do intend to bring him under Tourist visa you will need to have a return ticket which is the main disadvantage. Also if you are planning to enroll your child to a daycare while studying it will take some time and most probably need Dependent visa.
On a good note, back in 2015 I knew a family (a male and female couple who started PhD) brought their child along with them.They had requested and got approval for applying CoE and from what I heard the University helped in getting the CoE (which is kind of a guarantee to the Japanese Immigration so it speeds up the process). So I urge you to talk to your supervisor immediately.

If you have any questions please post here. I will reply to the best of my ability.
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Re: Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/10 13:01
Sorry for the delayed reply, Thank you for the all the comments.

Dear Kasun,
Thank you for your reply. I'm a Sri Lankan. Tomorrow I'm planing to apply for temporary visa for my kid and my mother-in-law, she will take care of my kid until I obtain the COE for my husband.

Can you kindly let me know what are the required documents for appy visa. do I need to submit the original (Sinhala) Birth Certificates and marriage certificates when I am applying for the COE? or English Translations.
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Re: Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/10 18:07
although you want to apply the visas for your husband and your child in different (independent) ways, (i.e. COE for husband and change of status for your child), do you have plan B, when either one is denied or delayed ?

it is better to make simple.
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Re: Bringing my kid with tourist visa 2020/3/10 18:15
also, during application, your child can't get public helps (i.e. health insurance, regular checkup, and inoculations) which are supplied for infants. are you sure that your child will not become sick during that period ?
you need to be calm down.
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