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Hotel cancellation due to coronavirus 2020/3/6 21:47
I had prepaid hotel stays at Pullman Tokyo. Unfortunately I am forced to cancel due to the continuous infections and my employer enforced a 14 day quarantine if I choose to travel to Japan. Pullman hotel is unwilling to refund me. Other hotels and travel services are more understanding during this crisis. Does anyone has any suggestions as to what else I can do?
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Re: Hotel cancellation due to coronavirus 2020/3/7 07:28
Have you already cancelled the hotel? The Japanese PM is scheduled to make an announcement on 10 March re: corona virus status. If he closes down travel, your hotel may be forced to reimburse you.
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Re: Hotel cancellation due to coronavirus 2020/3/7 08:14
You could also check your country's employment law to find out if your employer has the right to send you home for 14 days against your will. In Germany employees don't even need to tell their employers where they travel. It's none of their business. Even if travel warnings exist.
My employer is a hypochondriac, too and demanded me to stay home for 14 days in case I will not cancel my trip to Japan (yet my Germany has more cases than Japan as of today >.<)
I requested my employer to offer home office or he has to pay for the 14 days he sends me home because I am not willed to spend holidays or overtime to pay the prize for current hysteria that's going around. I will be delighted if I catch the virus because it's as likely as winning the lottery.
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Re: Hotel cancellation due to coronavirus 2020/3/7 12:00
Not all hotels have a full refund policy. So give no refunds. Some refunds all but first nights cost. So 30%, some 50%. The hotels website has the policy.

They are not at fault for the current situation. So it can be the hotels choice if they refund or not if you fall into the category of not normally receiving a refund.
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