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10-hour layover at Haneda 2020/3/8 11:29

Ifm traveling to Canada later this month and my return flight back to the Philippines has a 10-hour layover in Haneda. As a Philippine passport holder Ifm aware that wefre not visa-exempt so I canft leave the airport. Ifve heard of the 72-hour shore pass, though, and Ifm wondering how difficult it is to obtain one? For more info, my arrival at Haneda is around 4pm and the departure flight is around 1:30am the next day. It says that a shore pass may be issued if no connecting flights are available on the same calendar day but Ifm not exactly sure if my situation qualifies given how early the departing flight is. Ifve also had single-entry visas to Japan before, would this make it any easier to secure a shore pass?

If itfs not possible or highly unlikely that Ifd get a shore pass, what would you recommend I do in the airport for the layover? I wonft be able to leave the airside area so thatfs that. Thanks!
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Re: 10-hour layover at Haneda 2020/3/9 08:39
Hi. Therefs a museum and lots of options for shopping and dining.
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Re: 10-hour layover at Haneda 2020/3/9 14:53
Arr 1600 first day. Dep 0130 next day makes it two calender days.
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