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Translation for these two sentences 2020/3/11 02:09
Can someone check my translation for these two sentences? I'm not sure if I understand them correctly. :P

1. 矢ノ口落としを一人だけ先に抜けて!

So 矢ノ口 落とす is the name of a place, and 抜けて means to... go past?
-> You were the one who came down (name of place) first! (Really trying to find a natural-sounding translation for this one!)

2. こいつ。。。こいつは常に助かる道を選択していたぞ。
-> This guy is always the one choosing what to do/where to go.
-> This guy always chose ways to help (himself? others?).
-> This guy has constantly chose ways to survive/ that will save himself.
Seems like the third one is most to my liking.

Context: one guy is angrily accusing another guy of sabotaging the team.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Translation for these two sentences 2020/3/11 11:15
Assuming that both of two sentences relate to the context you mention at the bottom, that one guy is accusing another for sabotaging the team, the following is my best guess without knowing the situation and the conversation before and after:

1. You dared to make it through [place name] first by yourself!/You went ahead and passed through [place name] just by yourself!
That place name sounds like a narrow pass through steep mountains or something, so yes, “nukeru” would be to “get through,” “pass through” that place. The accusation behind it must be "without helping others."

2. Come to think of it, this guy has always been choosing the easier way to save himself/his axx.

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