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Japanese toilet 2020/3/12 15:58
Hi guys! I want to buy a Japanese toilet, but I don't know much about them. Maybe some of you can suggest certain models, some reviews on them. I need someone's advice based on personal experience. My budget is $600. Thank you.
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Re: Japanese toilet 2020/3/12 19:55
If you're using USD, then I assume it's to use outside of Japan? You'll want to check out what is available in the US versus what is available in Japan as the voltage is different. Toto is a big brand here, maybe see if they've got anything?
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Re: Japanese toilet 2020/3/12 23:06
Read above on things that you may encounter installing Japanese washlet in US. Electrical and plumbing.

You can just buy Japanese brand washlet in US that is made for US .. may cost more and less option but least headache on installation.
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Re: Japanese toilet 2020/3/13 06:15
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Re: Japanese toilet 2020/3/13 12:56
Thanks for suggestions, guys! Yea, it's probably better to look for a Japanese toilet that is made for the US. GenieBidet Japanese toilet is under $600 and it's written that its a USA based company with local support and customer service. Here is a review on it https://pickadvisor.org/best-japanese-toilet/ The customer's reviews are quite positive and the cost is attractive. Quite an option, I think.
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Re: Japanese toilet 2020/3/14 00:35
Remember that you will need a GFI electrical outlet that is under or behind the toilet, which is very uncommon in North America - so you might be looking at hiring an electrician and doing tile work or repainting too. Keep this in mind in your budget!
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