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Police and Forensic Communities 2020/3/12 19:54

I'm in the States and looking for ways to get networking with others in the Police and Forensic communities in different countries doing crime and crash investigations. What are some ways to do that in Japan? Here in the States, for example, there are certain Facebook groups and Linkedin groups I'm a part of, conferences like IAI, IACP, local crash conferences that I go to, and a bunch of magazines to read like PoliceMag, Office, Journal of Forensic science, Evidence Tech Magazine, Accident Reconstruction Journal. etc.

What are the options in Japan? Language isn't much of an issue, I can read and speak so-so. I have lived there years ago in college but at that time I just a student so I wasn't looking for these kinds of things back then.

Any insight or help would be great!
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Re: Police and Forensic Communities 2020/3/13 13:06
start from here and use your forensic/investigative skills..


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Re: Police and Forensic Communities 2020/3/13 18:20
You probably already have this one, but in case you need anything Australian...... https://anzfss.org/
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