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Where is Usa, Japan located ? 2005/6/11 01:10
I am told there is a town in Japan called Usa. I was trying to locate it in an atlas, it lists it in the index but is not on the map to show where it is. I would also like to know how long it has been in existance.
by Kathy Mattson  

... 2005/6/11 07:44
Usa City is located in Oita Prefecture on Kyushu Island.

There is a theory, that an ancient kingdom had its seat in Usa in the 3rd century. In any case, the city and its shrine have been in existence for far more than 1000 years.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Made in Usa 2005/6/12 16:44
There is an urban legend that still gets spread by some people. It states that Japan after WWII renamed a town Usa so that they could label the goods from there "legally" 'made in Usa'.
by Kappa rate this post as useful

More than urban legend 2005/6/12 22:47
When my dad worked for the Japan Procurement Agency (Dept. of the Army) in the 1950s, he was offered some machine parts stamped made in USA. While not exactly made in Usa, the japanese sales rep's home was on Kyushu...
by Eric Davis rate this post as useful

usa, japan 2006/6/18 08:28
about Oct/Nov 1945,as a Lt. with the 24th Infantry Div.Signal Co.
I was on a RR train coming from the Northern part of Honshu heading for Okayama that stopped in usa.I remember getting off the train for a moment to check the station sign that read "USA".
by Ed Shakalis rate this post as useful

.. 2006/6/18 09:59
I think people do get confused with initials and actual words/names.

For example Usa is read as is, its read as a full word. U.S.A. (United States of America) is never read as a full word, but its letters only.
by .. rate this post as useful

Hmm..... 2006/6/19 08:36
Isn't "Usa" simply pronounced "Uu-Sah".....not U.S.A.....

But that would be cool.....if there were a place in Japan, and other countries, called U.S.A....
It could be like Americas version of "China-Town" XD xP

by Iza rate this post as useful

. 2006/6/19 11:49
Iza thats what I said Usa is said as is, a full word. U.S.A. is never said as a full word but as letters.

As for a China-Town, Osaka has an "American Village" or shopping area themed with the red white and blue. While its not really like a chinatown version of the united states.
by . rate this post as useful

usa,Usa,U.S.A..... 2006/10/18 10:09
if in Usa they stamp any goods with capital letters i.e. USA,then it is not made the U.S.A.if it is made in the united states of america, then you have periods after the U.S.A. so just because it says USA dose not mean U.S.A.
by indeed rate this post as useful

Usa 2006/12/7 10:45
My Aunt has a tea set from Usa, which my father got after the War. Anyone know if the pottery business still exists? :-)
by Ross rate this post as useful

. 2006/12/7 11:43
As Uji mentioned, Usa has a very long history. This name of the place already existed long before the U.S.A. was "born".
There's no connection between Usa and U.S.A.
by . rate this post as useful

Re: tea set 2007/1/14 18:42
My Aunt has a tea set from Usa, which my father got after the War.
It is not uncommon that pottery made in the 20th century states the name of the town the pottery ware was produced in in roman script, especially when it was produced for the export market. Does the tea set actually say 'USA' on the bottom?
If this is the case, a similar case is probably the origin of the confusion described above as nobody thinks anything bad when it says Makkum or Maastricht, but when somebody sees Usa, they might jump to conclusions that somebody is trying to claim it was make in the U.S.A. :-)
by Kappa rate this post as useful

USA, Japan 2007/5/10 03:30
I read it was at
33 27' 14"N 133 26'13E
by Eli rate this post as useful

WHERE IS USA JAPAN 2007/5/24 05:18
by JIM WATSON rate this post as useful

gibson 2007/6/3 06:51
I heardthat gibson has a factory that makes guitars their fr cheap materials but can label it made in usa
by stephen rate this post as useful

Google Earth - Usa, Japan 2007/7/6 01:38
You can get a free copy of Google Earth at and locate Usa, Japan, easily using it. It shows the population is 48,140 and it's located to the west across the river from Nagasu.
by . rate this post as useful

USA vs. U.S.A. 2007/8/15 23:49
if in Usa they stamp any goods with capital letters i.e. USA,then it is not made the U.S.A.if it is made in the united states of america, then you have periods after the U.S.A. so just because it says USA dose not mean U.S.A

Yes, but I know of many products made in the U.S.A that do not include the dots, but instead just write "made in USA". So it's easily understandable that people would take all such labels and meaning it is made in the United States. Seems very deceptive to me. Why wouldn't they just write "made in Japan" like for their other products?
by Alyssa rate this post as useful

usa near kochi on shikoku island 2008/1/20 03:23
usa is a pretty litle coastal town about 5 ks west of kochi wich is one of the main city on shikoku.
usa is a good spot for surfing (near the river mouth and almost every beaches down the skyline road). Fishing is not bad either and the lifestyle is pretty nice, one word on the weather: gorgeous i swam in the sea last november. THere is a beautiful temple before the skyline road up west, wich is really worth the visit also it s the temple number 64 (i am not quite sure) on the 88 temples road on shikoku. Also there are numbers of trails in the mountains from wich you can have a beatiful view all over the harbour...if you want some pictures, just send me an email.
by MATHIEU LE BOULCH rate this post as useful

I live in Usa 2008/6/9 11:24
Its pronounced oosa! its not an extreamly exciting place to visit. However living here has its charms. I would recomend people keep going till they get to Beppu. Usa is about a 50 min walk from the train station and buses are few and far between! If you are driving however its a place to visit. The castle ruins are something to see.
by MAtt rate this post as useful

Made in USA 2008/6/26 15:28
if it says made in USA, its made in the united states, whether or not it has periods or anything. a product made in usa, japan, would say 'MADE IN JAPAN' because it's the law in almost every country in the world.
by usa rate this post as useful

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