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Advice sakura in Akita & Iwate 2020/3/17 11:34

I'm going to have to be in Japan during this time. It's a long story, but I will have 1 week in Japan. I am going to miss the cherry blossoms in Kansai area due to the early blooming this year. So I decided on Akita / Kakunodate and possibly Morioka / Kitakami.

On all the sakura forecast sights they all have forecast dates for Tokyo, Osaka, etc. But only two web sites seem to list forecast for Akita.

On https://www.japan-guide.com/sakura/
it shows
Kakundate: full blossom 17 April - 26 April

Kitakami: full bloom 15 - 22 April

it does not list Akita nor Morioka cities on this web site.

On https://sakura.weathermap.jp/en.php
it shows
Akita: full bloom
08 April

Morioka: full bloom
12 April

On https://www.jnto.go.jp/sakura/eng/index.php
it shows
Akita: full bloom 12 April

Morioka: full bloom 15 April

So my questions for local Akita and Iwate people. Which of these forecasts are likely more accurate? I need to plan my trip for sakura and I don't know which web site to believe. Will full bloom in Akita come on 12 April or 8 April? It makes a big difference!

Also, does sakura always come later in Kakundate usually come several days later than Akita city? Because I would be taking the daytrip from Akita city to Kakundate.

Hope to get some good input on best dates to plan. Thank you and look forward to your replies.

I have been to Kansai area several times for spring, but I have never been to anywhere in Tohoku region before, so I am not sure how accurate these forecasts are and I'm hoping some local people can help me understand and plan well. Thank you
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Re: Advice sakura in Akita & Iwate please! 2020/3/18 08:09
Tons of forecasts/sites have dates for different areas - takes less than a minute.
or the site you have referenced (which I checked a few days ago)
This season is one-two weeks earlier than usual.
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Re: Advice sakura in Akita & Iwate 2020/3/21 21:40
Note that with Kakunodate, there are 2 blossoming areas; the weeping cherries in the samurai district and the Riverside blossoms. The weeping cherry trees always bloom a bit earlier than the riverside trees.

Also, if you have Instagram, Kakunodate's tourism account posts pictures daily. They will show the flowering progress, so follow them on Instagram if you are really concerned. It will be the most up-to-date you can get.
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