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Cherries blooming 2020/3/24 10:26
What are the chances that I will be able to see cherries in full bloom on Thursday 26th of March? Ueno Park, Gyoen, Meguro Rover? It's still be there?
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Re: Cherries blooming 2020/3/24 13:08
The latest report on Japan Guide (March 23rd) says Ueno Park is still approaching full bloom.

Please check under Japan Guide - Interests - Cherry Blossoms, for more details.
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Re: Cherries blooming 2020/3/24 22:30
I would say chances are VERY good. I was in Koishikawa Botanical garden on Sunday this week and it was nearly full bloom, but not yet full, full bloom. Since then it has become a bit colder but it shouldn't rain until Thursday, so Thursday this week will probably be perfect.

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Re: Cherries blooming 2020/3/25 08:00
In my area (western Tokyo) full bloom is still approaching - some trees are around max, but other large groups still have a few more days to go - I'm waiting for a 1/2km stretch along the Tamagawa to come into full bloom. In the central city, should still be many spots worth visiting (although I haven't passed through Nakameguro for a couple of weeks).
Be aware that it has been very windy the last couple of days and that has blown some of the blossom off the trees.
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