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Ordinary adoption 2020/3/24 21:52
Hello. I would like to ask if I am eligible to be adopted by my japanese step-father through ordinary adoption since my biological mother is his current wife. I have been searching about the requirements for it but I cannot seem to find anything. If any of you know please reply and educate me about the process and what papers are needed.

Also, if I am able to be adopted, would my surname be written in kanji? Even though I wonft have the japanese nationality?
by Erina (guest)  

Re: Ordinary adoption 2020/3/25 15:42
even after you are adopted to a Japanese person, you are still a foreigner. you can't have your own koseki. (your name is written in that Japanese's koseki.)

the paperwork will be in many websites, written in Japanese. your step-father can understand it or hire a professional.
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Ordinary adoption 2020/3/29 23:41
But my surname would be written in?? Kanji? Katakana?? If i would be adopted I will notify the immigration right? And my surname would be changed into my step-fatherfs surname, that said, would my name be written in kanji? Or not?
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