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Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/26 10:19
Hi everyone,

I'm about to start the process of converting my United States license to a Japanese one (I'm from a state that will require me to take the written and practical tests). I have two questions about this, if any one happens to know the answers. I apologize if these have been asked before; I did do a quick search of the forum, but perhaps the search terms I used weren't optimal.

1) My state license was renewed within three months of moving to Japan. So, I also have brought along with me my previous expired license, and I also will be purchasing and printing out a copy of my driving record through my state DMV. The trouble is, I am not sure which of these documents needs to be translated through JAF. Should I just have them translate my "active" license, and then bring along the supporting documents when I apply for consideration to convert my license at my prefecture's licensing center, even though the supporting documents would not be translated? I do not see an option listed on the JAF website for translating driving records or expired licenses.

2) JAF's English website details the amount to be paid for the translation service via mail and return postage, but I am unsure how they would like me to pay that. Is this to be done through furikomi, do I include the money in the envelope with my application, or is there some other way?

Again, I am very sorry if these are easily searchable questions. Sometimes I wonder if I am the weakest "Googler" in the world, but I do assure you I tried that first! Thank you, all.

Side note, but...Good luck during these times, everyone! I hope you are all doing well and that you each will be safe. Thank you in advance for your help on these questions.
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Re: Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/26 17:03
Answer to your Q2.. registered postal cash envelope.

From JAF website :

Applications via mail are also accepted when the applicant cannot visit the office
Send the application form and a photocopy of your license (preferably clear photocopies of the front and back of the license in color) with the issuance fee 3,000 yen plus return postage(including charge for service) 500 yen by registered postal cash envelope.

* The return postage (including charge for service) will be 500 yen for two translations and 600 yen for three or more translations in the case of sending to the same address if requesting translation of more than one license.
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Re: Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/26 17:56
Hi, thank you so much! I actually think that I did see that mention of the "registered postal cash envelope" on the JAF site, but sort of glossed over it assuming that meant for the return postage fee only and not the 3000 yen fee to be paid to JAF for their translation. We have that sort of thing in my home country too, where you can pre-pay for a return envelope so that a business can send you back documents without being out the fee of postage, but I did not know that I could also pay them the fee due for their service through this envelope.

Or, is a "registered cash envelope" something different from simple return postage? Is it an actual envelope that can carry cash inside of it? The name makes a lot of sense if that's what it is, and I actually haven't ever heard of this method before! Gosh do I feel dumb...

Again, thank you!!
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Re: Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/26 18:07
Okay, I think that I am finally realizing your original meaning.... This certified cash envelope is an envelope that I would pay for and then include IN it BOTH the fee for JAF and the return postage fee... Is that correct? At any rate, thank you so much.

I still am curious about the first question, if anyone happens to know :) Thanks, guys!
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Re: Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/26 18:12
here is complete information, when you want to have it in Tokyo.
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Re: Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/26 20:03
I think you only need the translation for the current driving license. The other docs in English should be fine. I needed to proof that i is had lived in my home country for some time after obtaining the driving license and o did that work as German document. No translation was required.
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Re: Does driving record require JAF translation? 2020/3/27 09:17
Thank you very much, everyone! I think that I understand now.
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