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Confused about these 2 dialogues 2020/3/30 06:37
1. ”Xは殺してやる。仲間も同罪だろ。
-> X will kill us. Accomplices also have the same crime/offense.

I'm not sure how to translate the second sentence, or even understand what this guy is trying to say, either. Any idea?

Context: X is killing people. Speaker (has broken leg, on the floor) thinks B is the accomplice. B's friends were helping B when speaker says this.

2. 今だけは助かるが今後一緒には行動できないっていうのが俺たちの選択。
-> We can help you now, but after this, we won't able to stay together...
And then the rest is something like "our choice", but I'm not how to translate it. This part is hard to understand.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: Confused about these 2 dialogues 2020/3/30 09:39
1. We/I will kill X. Buddies are guilty by accomplice, right.
“X wa koroshite yaru” – the “…te yaru” construction makes it clear that it is WE who will kill X, not the other way round.

For 2., I am suspecting that it is 今だけは助けるが… instead of 今だけは助かるが (please note one different character).
Because going by your text, it says “we will be saved this time, but…” which doesn’t make sense.
I am “guessing” is that they are saying “Our choice is that just this time/just now we help you, but we won’t be together/we will not be on the same side after that.”
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