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Math Textbook 2020/4/3 23:03
Hello! I am studying in grade 9 in an international school (American Curriculum) at the moment.. I am half Japanese and Thai so and my mother is Japanese so the culture and language is fine.. I wanted to take an Exam into a Japanese highschool and even though I am fine with Japanese, I will be testing in an English exam!! So i wanted your guys help on finding me an math textbook written in english about Japanese Junior Highschool Math . It would mean alot if you can reccomend me some textbooks written in English about Japanese curriculum maths.
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Re: Math Textbook 2020/4/4 20:05
I used to teach Math at an international school in Japan - but I doubt that this book actually exists. The reason I say this is because the number of people who could use this book would only be in the hundreds or low thousands - which means there is no economic market for it.

If someone knows of one - please share as I'd love to be proven incorrect on this (I mean this positively)
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Re: Math Textbook 2020/4/6 18:02
A tutor would probably be best until to catch up on the japanese way of maths.
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Re: Math Textbook 2020/4/8 19:58
Thank you all so much!!! For now, I will be settling with a Japanese book with my mom by my side to help with Kanji... Anyways thank you for your information and it was great to know that I shouldnft waste anymore time searching for these books!!
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Re: Math Textbook 2020/4/8 20:01
And also, very sorry about the grammatical errors, I was in a rush to get answers...
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