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what is the translation of this in english? 2020/4/5 02:52
can someone tell me the translation of "watashi wa anata ga ken daisuki desu" in english?, because someone send that to me but i dont know what it means, i tried to translate it in google translator but it shows many answer like "i am you" and "im the one you love" so im really confused, i would really appreciate your help :)
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Re: what is the translation of this in english? 2020/4/6 10:19
"Watashi wa anata ga ken daisuki desu" doesn't mean anything. The grammar is garbled and the sentence doesn't make sense.

"Watashi wa anata ga daisuki desu" would mean "I love/really like you." But putting something between "ga" and "daisuki" breaks the grammar and turns the sentence into gibberish.

I'd guess the person who sent the sentence to you either doesn't speak Japanese well or made a typo while writing it.
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