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Translating this omikuji 2020/4/13 02:20

I need help translating this omikuji:


Please is very important for my wife.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Translating this omikuji 2020/4/13 18:21
"Luck uncertain
A person who encounters this gomikujih can be likened to someone who is lost as to which way to step into, then later finds themselves looking down a straight road. Practicing gnana-yo-machih [praying to different Buddhist kannon for 7 nights], gkoshin-machih [staying up all night on a certain night for prayers], and reading ghannya shingyoh (Heart Sutra) would be good. Illnesses might be coming from the heart, reading Buddhist sutra and praying would be good. Things lost: might not surface. Happy occasions: might start out badly but will end up well. Tools [that are good]: calligraphy, musical instruments, and lacquerware. You have good luck with building a house or relocating. Not good to travel. 6, 7 out of 10 you will live. Any litigation: there will be obstacle and your wish will not come true. Quarrels/arguments: you will lose more [than win]. Be careful what you say, you will come out the winner later. Someone you are waiting for: will be late to come. Not known they are ill, hit by a calamity, but in any case know that they are faced with an obstacle and will be late to come. "

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Re: Translating this omikuji 2020/4/13 20:30
Thank you very much!

I'm from Spain and I think we lost something in traslation between Japanesse - English - Spanish, but it's pretty awesome the general message in there, we have this omikuji since november - december 2019 that we went to Japan in our honeymoon and we visit that temple in Kyoto, and about January or so that it's happening something similar to us related to a friend.

Best regards, thanks again,
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