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Face Mask: Tip to find and purchase 2020/4/15 19:17
Dear all,
I am an Asian, living in Tokyo. I am totally new to the way people live in the middle of the CoronaVirus.
I am currently running out the face mask. I became to realize that the mask is not easily found for the purchase at this moment.

I was doing trial and error by getting to the store nearby my place but still it did come in a small batch and sold out immediately. I read from the news that the government is giving the incentive to local manufacturers to increase the capacity to meet the demand. Softback's order the face mask from China in hundred millions a month also caught my attention. Despite all of these corrections, the availability of the face mask at the front stores around my place looks bleak.

I am asking for any tip to find and purchase the face mask. Thanks in advance for any kind advice.

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Re: Face Mask: Tip to find and purchase 2020/4/16 11:53
The only thing you can do is making your own cloth mask.
Getting masks from shop is trail and error.
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Re: Face Mask: Tip to find and purchase 2020/4/16 16:12
You can easily make your own.

You can wash cloth mask with regular detergent, or just dip it in a bowl of bleach for a few hours, and it will be as clean as you want it to be.

If you are new to Japan at this time, try to keep contact with friends, as it is difficult to strike conversation with people right now. Make use of social media such as Meet Up to see if you can join an event that will allow you to enjoy conversation at home using Zoom or the like.

Stay safe.
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Re: Face Mask: Tip to find and purchase 2020/4/16 17:01
Thanks a lot.
This is really helpful.
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