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Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/15 19:42
Want to know your experiences based on living in Japan. Whats your favorite region (Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, Tokai, Hokuriku, etc) to live and sightseeing?

Personally, i love Kyushu. I lived in Fukuoka for a year and i love it very much. Only visited Beppu and Kumamoto (a friend live there). Wanted to visit a lot of places there. However, because of personal reasons, i need to save more money after two months living there. Let me know your story!
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/16 09:27
I Love Hiroshima. Its Food, Transportation system is great.I Love hiroden,Astram Railway, Hiroshima monorail midorizaka skyrail is great
Hiroshima peace memorial is my recommendation to visit.Tokyo is not my favorite city for its crowd ness. But A Lot of my friend Love Tokyo.
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/16 12:17
Large parts of Tokyo are very uncrowded. Pick somewhere out of the central area (23-wards) and you can be in semi-rural places quite easily. Lots of cities in Tokyo prefecture and neighbours (Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba) are also far from being crowded once you actually live in the burbs.
I wouldn't like to live somewhere like Shinjuku or Shibuya, but where I am in western Tokyo the population density is pretty reasonable, lots of places to visit nearby, and the "city" is less than 40 minutes away when I need to head in.
If you need to save money, that is another reason to avoid central Tokyo. You don't necessarily save much heading to a small town or minor city, but there are better/worse places to live and once you get to a certain level, it doesn't get much cheaper. That is based on a non-scientific checking of real estate windows in many locations all across Japan from the far north (Hokkaido) to south (Kyushu).
As for favourite region in Japan, I like Tohoku and also the Alps. For convenience and work, it makes sense that I live in Tokyo.
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/16 17:03
I've visited Tokyo before living in Fukuoka. Imo, its a great place to visit, and not really for living. If i live there, i only want outside the 23 wards and Kanagawa prefecture. Also i heard people in Tokyo are cold (i only thought that was only a stereotype until some of my friends live there). Personally, prefer more Greater Tokyo area that is more laidback if i have to choose to live there.
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/16 17:56
I lived for 3 years in Tokyo (close to Shimokitazawa in Setagaya-ku) and really like it. When I now visit I usually stay in the Shinbashi area, and really like that area too for its business men night life atmosphere.

What I like about Tokyo is that it is (for me) a very relaxing city. I know this sounds crazy, but it's true. I lived before in Madrid (Spain) and in Berlin (Germany) and am now living in a mid-size city in the Netherlands. But yet, when I arrive in Tokyo I still feel a complete relaxation. Maybe because I literally never feel any fear in Tokyo (or elsewhere in Japan). Not that I am specially fearful person, but I wouldn't do half of the things I do usually in Japan anywhere else (e.g. cycling alone - female - at night through a badly light industrial area, or leaving the door to my house open for most of the night - I was living with a flat mate and he came home after midnight while I went to bed way earlier... well, it's a long story, but if we closed the door from inside it was impossible to open it from outside and anyway I was sleeping on the ground floor with a terrace window open all night... so if someone absolutely wanted to enter my house at night that would have been no problem at all). I wouldn't do anything of this in Europe except maybe in some remote villages.

So for me it is Tokyo.

But it is also the only Japanese city where I ever lived. I come to Osaka often, but stay in Shin-Osaka, which is not a very interesting part of the city. What I like about Osaka is that there are just so many interesting places around easily accessible by train or bicycle. Himeiji, Biwako, Nara, Kyoto, Wakayama...

Regarding region for travelling in Japan, for me it is inner Nara prefecture. The area around Sakurai and Asuka. And I think if I would work in Osaka, I would probably try to live there... or maybe in Otsu on lake Biwa.
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/17 18:23
I personally have never lived in Japan, but i visited quite often.

i really like the kansai region mainly Osaka and Kyoto because the People are much nicer than in tokyo or at least that is what i felt.
they started chatting with me and were interested in where i was from. in tokyo (besides really weird nampa) that never happend.
also the Food is amazing and it is so accesible to go to Hiroshima or Nara and the likes.
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/18 04:18
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Re: Favorite region in Japan 2020/4/19 00:41
The Chugoku Region is my favorite.
Okayama Prefecture has top-knotch representatives of everything great about Japan; gardens, castles, historic districts, etc.
I also like the other prefectures, too. Many are less-traveled but have great sites.

There are great things about each region, though. In terms of prefectures, my choices would be all over.
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