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Japanese word for stripe? 2020/4/16 13:44
I've noticed people using the cognate form of "stripe" a lot. Is there a Japanese-specific word for it? How did that word come into use? When would you use the Japanese origin word? Is there a preference?
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Re: Japanese word for "stripe"? 2020/4/16 23:58
Are you talking about the loanword ストライプ (sutoraipu)? If so, this Japanese word is most often used in the fashion industry to describe vertical stripes. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are called ボーダー (which comes from the English word "border") in the fashion industry. These words are also commonly used in various design-related fields such as graphic design.

But in everyday life, people commonly use the word 縞 (しま shima) to mean "stripe", both vertical and horizontal. Other words derived from this are 縞模様 (しまもよう shima-moyou) meaning "stripe design", 縦縞 (たてじま tate-jima) meaning "vertical stripe(s)", and 横縞 (よこじま yoko-jima) meaning "horizontal stripe(s)".
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