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Bodyhair 2020/4/20 07:54
So I'm a girl who lives in Canada and I'm going to japan soon for a year. I stopped shaving my armpits legs and pubic hair cause I don't care about them. Will I be okay in Japan or people are gonna glare at me and judge me when I dress lightly or go to swim or onsen. Thank you!
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/4/20 12:11
Most Japanese women shave their armpits and legs, so as a result people in Japan might notice that you have more hair there than they're used to seeing, and so some people's eye might be drawn there. You're unlikely to have anyone "glaring" at you, though, since your amount of hair isn't going to make anyone angry.

As for whether people will "judge" you, it depends on your definition of "judge." Since you're not doing something that for most Japanese women is a standard part of their grooming process, there's a chance that people will think you look unkempt. You won't have random people coming up to you on the street or train and saying "Shave that right now!" You might, though, have people mention it in conversation, and some people may remark that they're surprised, since it's unusual in Japan to leave those areas unshaven. Most people will probably think it looks comparatively unattractive, since if a significant number of people in Japan were of the opinion that unshaven looks as good, or better, than shaved, then shaving wouldn't be so prevalent in the country.

As an analogy, imagine a guy who, regardless of whether or not he has a beard, doesn't shave the hair on his neck. The hair there is natural, but since most cultures/societies have the baseline opinion that neck hair is unattractive, if a guy leaves it unshaven, there's a chance that people will think he looks less groomed than he would if he shaved it.
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/4/20 13:36
Just to add, if you want to blend in, do not shave your pubic hair. In my experience (onsen) Japanese women donft.
But yes, armpits and legs are generally shaven.
But I would guess thatfs the same as in Canada.
Do you should expect a somewhat similar reaction. Maybe more muted in Japan as gebellt opinions are not voiced that openly.
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/4/21 17:21
What kind of topic is this....
Who cares if you shave or not. It does not stop you from going to onsen or doing other activities.

Just be yourself.
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/4/22 10:25
It's possible to be committed to being yourself while still wanting to know how people in a culture different from your own might react to your actions/choices. At the very least, having a baseline understanding of that will help people prepare for negative reactions they may encounter when traveling abroad, either by mentally bracing for them or by helping them choose whether or not they wish to adapt to local customs in that regard.

Especially since the OP will be spending an entire year in Japan, it's pretty reasonable to want to know how people will or won't react to her appearance, since it's unlikely to be a one-time/short-term situation.
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/4/22 10:54
Thank you for your answers everybody. It's true that here in Canada I do whatever I want with my body but bodyhair is still a sensible thing that I try to get over with. I wanted to know if I could keep it there without being too uncomfortable or if it's gonna be a difficult thing to feel different than everyone since I'll already be different haha.. I try accept my body like it is and it's kinda scary to do it in a whole other culture. Thanks again for your answers :)
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/4/24 08:13
There are many person in onsen who do not save or who are saving.
Don't mind to much about that
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/5/4 17:56
I think no guys will ever mention it to you, unless he's your boyfriend. Girls won't ask you about it, unless you are close to them. It's not something people will be likely to ask, but they might talk about it behind your back, which is not really that much of an issue.

If you think shaving will make you more attractive, do it. If you don't, feel free to skip out. I'm a guy and I shave my body cleanly every few weeks, because I like my body without hair. Bottom line: shave if you want to be more feminine and attractive. If you're lazy, well, nobody dies.
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Re: Bodyhair 2020/5/4 20:28
Shaving pubic hair is not common. Some trim it, but not having it at all is considered a fetishism. There is a Japanese term meaning it, but I don't step into it.

I don't know what justmyday saw in Onsen, but as a Japanese woman raised in Japan, I've never seen a Japanese woman who doesn't shave her armpit. I recommend shaving it for sanitary reasons.
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