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Looking for places to skate 2020/4/20 16:47
I recently moved to Nagoya from australia and also recently started skateboarding. Was wondering if anyone knew any decent places to go so i wouldnt have to skate alone outside my house
by Jonas (guest)  

Re: Looking for places to skate 2020/4/21 09:28
you are requested to stay in home by the government.
if you don't want to obey the government request, please go back to your home country.
probably, your country also will not welcome you, when you want to do like that.
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Re: Looking for places to skate 2020/4/21 11:58
Sport and walks are allowed outside as long as you do it with the minimal number of people necessary for the activity. Skateboarding only needs one person, so not prohibited.

Here the rules for Osaka:

I’d think Aichi will be similar.
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Re: Looking for places to skate 2020/4/21 12:30

Here is a quick Google search result for skateboarding parks in Aichi Prefecture where you live.

As it says (in Japanese) in the link, opening policies may have changed due to the corona virus, so phone in advance to each park to see if you're allowed to use it and when.

While I was on Google, I also spotted a skateboard shop in the middle of Nagoya. The shop may have more information.

Have fun, and be sure to keep your social distance and to wear a mask when speaking to others. Don't forget to wash your hands and gargle when you get home. Japan is a washing-hands society instead of a glove one.
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