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Is this correct? 2020/4/26 19:29
Can someone translate this sentence for me, please? It's from a story. I feel like I understand it, but I just can't find any appropriate translation for it.

-> The onsen of the inn we reserved, our transport bus, and families of the employees. All that's needed is to make a phone call in advance to each of them.

Is this correct? The only way I can understand is if I break apart the first sentence into 3 groups. Otherwise, I have no idea what this sentence means. Appreciate any help!
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Re: Is this correct? 2020/4/27 08:39
"宿泊予定の温泉 迎えに来るバズ 社員の家族

I am guessing that it is not バズ, but ハズ, which could well have been written in hiragana as はず. They must have just put it in katakana for emphasis. Or maybe it is “bus,” I cannot be sure.
If it is “hazu,” then my guess is:
The onsen inn where we are scheduled to stay “should come pick up us; (also there are) the families of the employees. Things should be fine if we call each of them ahead of time.

If it is indeed “bus,” then my guess is:
The onsen inn where we are scheduled to stay, the bus that is coming to pick us up, and the employees’ families. Things should be…

As you’ve guessed, I’d say the first line is just bits of phrases, not a full sentence by itself.
Is the context something like a company going out on their trip with their families or something?
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Re: Is this correct? 2020/4/27 12:22

Are you sure there is no punctuation (if it were a novel) or spaces (if it were a manga)? And is there any context?

Because my guess is that it's supposed to mean


If so, it means
"The onsen inn we (or someone) are to stay at, the bus to pick the party up, and families of the employees - all that's needed is to make phone calls in advance to each of them, and the problem will be solved."

Is the person who said/thought this trying to arrange a big group tour for employees and their families?
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Re: Is this correct? 2020/4/27 14:30
Hi. Thanks for answering my question!

AK, you're right. It was supposed to say bus! XD
Uco: it was from a manga. There were no punctuation whatsoever. Each of those names were separated into a different line, so there were three lines.
Looks like we're all on the same page. Thanks for you guys' help, as always! :D

Context: to make it short, a group of hikers got lost for a few days but no one came to their rescue. Someone theorized that someone else within the group must have called those people that were listed and told them in advance they won't be back for many days.
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