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Bus from Kurokami on Sakurajima 2020/4/30 04:54
I am hopeful that someone who's more knowledgeable on Sakurajima would be able to answer this question.

I'm planning on revisiting Kagoshima again in 2022 and whilst I've been to Sakurajima once before, I haven't explored the area around the Kurokami buried shrine gate and observation point.
I've been looking at a few options of getting there (local bus and renting a bicycle), however I've reached a bit of a stumbling point. I am unable to find a bus timetable for the local bus between the Sakurajima Ferry Port and the Kurokami area.
Getting to the area isn't an issue as I well be getting to Sakurajima early on and will explore the area around the ferry terminal before making my way across to the other side. What concerns me though would be missing the last bus and being stuck.

So if anyone was able to provide a bus timetable, that would be greatly appreciated. Especially as it'll allow me to plan the day with a clearer picture in mind.

Thank you.
by Kari Haruka  

Re: Bus from Kurokami on Sakurajima 2020/4/30 07:31
You first have to take bus 60 from the ferry terminal to Higashi-Shirahama:

And then bus 70 to the shrine:

Click on the bus stop names to get departure times.
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Re: Bus from Kurokami on Sakurajima 2020/4/30 14:08
By bicycle it is also really nice

I had lunch in a very small restaurant right outside the burried torii gate.

Enjoy Sakurajima!
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Re: Bus from Kurokami on Sakurajima 2020/5/13 18:51
Thank you very much for your responses.

I will bookmark those links to take a further look at them.
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