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No flights home - emergency visa extension? 2020/5/4 12:18
Visitors from countries that are visa exempt like Canada, America, UK cannot get visitor visa emergency extensions. Visitor visa extensions only apply to visa holders of countries that require a visa to get into Japan in the first place like China, Vietnam etc. A weird irony.

Since there is a state of emergency and no flights back, how likely is it that immigration will extend my visitors visa?
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Re: No flights home - emergency visa extension? 2020/5/4 12:38
According to Skyscanner, there seem to be still many flights.
"A bit more expensive compared to usual" wouldn't be a good reason for "mergency extensions".
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Re: No flights home - emergency visa extension? 2020/5/4 13:20
If there is "no flight," then the following would apply to you.

If you are from one of the temporary visitor visa waiver countries, upon entry into Japan you are given a gTemporary Visitorh status (stamped right into your passport). So that is the gstatus of residenceh that you have currently, with a validity date.

This page gives you info about how that is handled currently:

It is from this page, which I recommend you check for any updates

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