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How do I send fanmail to a mangaka? 2020/5/5 08:34
Hi, I've always wanted to send a fanletter to Hirohiko Araki. Some people said we had to send the fanmail to Shueisha but I am afraid it may be rude, and I don't know if it would be appropriate to write in English (I don't know Japanese), assuming someone there knows English. So I'd like to know if any of you had already done this or if you think it would be a bad idea sending any fanmail to Shueisha for Hirohiko Araki, if it's possible to send letters to him, how should I do it? thank you
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Re: How do I send fanmail to a mangaka? 2020/5/5 12:49
It's quite normal and acceptable to send a fan letter through the publisher. But you shouldn't expect someone would take time to translate your English into Japanese. If Mr. Araki doesn't read English, your letter would simply be left aside.
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Re: How do I send fanmail to a mangaka? 2020/5/5 19:43
Ok thank you very much for you reply. This is what I thought, I should take Japanese classes again, it will take time to have a decent level but it will be worth it
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Re: How do I send fanmail to a mangaka? 2020/12/9 12:09
I send quite a few letters in English to an hour and I have recieved a reply from a few. If you follow them on twitter and they post a picture of your letter, and you comment to them, they can send you a reply that well. Again some may not even know English, but that doesn’t mean they would just “toss it aside” as I got a letter that it says “I’m not English” but they always appeicate the support they get. I usually send letters to author that are not too famous (nothing wrong with famous ones but they most likely too busy to reply) and sometimes I find the. On twitter and will leave a comment. Some do, some don’t. But if anything In Japanese I just leave the word ありがとう. Or “thank you” in English and that will be enough.

Just some tips to help you.
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