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Inappropriate time to squat? 2020/5/13 02:21
Hi, I'm a frequent squatter (heels to the floor), despite much of the western world not adopting this. As such, I squat pretty much anywhere. It relieves pain/discomfort I get from the lower back sitting in a chair.

I was wondering if there were certain places or situations where it would not be appropriate in everyday life to squat in Japan? I don't wish to offend someone.
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Re: Inappropriate time to squat? 2020/5/13 10:35
Yeah, there are plenty of places/situations where it wouldn't be appropriate to squat, as opposed to sitting in a chair, in Japan. Like, if you were to squat in a restaurant, on a train, or in a store, people would definitely find it weird, and probably impolite.

Public spaces in Japan aren't designed with squatting in mind. In places where it's thought that people will want to rest, there are benches and chairs. If you were to squat instead of sit on them, it would mean you're using up space that's really designed for people to be walking or standing, and since squatting takes up more space, many people would see it as inconveniencing others.

Obvious exceptions would be parks, beaches, and other natural outdoor spaces - essentially if it's a place where people might sit on the ground, then squatting is generally OK. Otherwise, though, it's not.

Out of curiosity, you say "I squat pretty much anywhere," but what sorts of places are you talking about?
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Re: Inappropriate time to squat? 2020/5/13 12:31
I think you find America and Japan very similar with places not suitable for squatting.
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Re: Inappropriate time to squat? 2020/5/13 14:46
Will people find it strange? Probably

When will it be a problem? When you are in the way or in busy places.

So to put it simple - if you do it in the middle of Shinjuku station then it's a problem. If you do it next to a park bench when talking to someone - it's not a problem. Find a place out of the - just like finding a place out of the way when waiting for someone.

An actual Japanese person (or someone who currently LIVES there) can go into more accurate detail.
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Re: Inappropriate time to squat? 2020/5/13 15:04
If you're referring to the way one sits as opposed to the way one exercises, I'm afraid squat-sitting (shagamu) is considered as very bad manners in Japan at any place. It may be tolerated in many European or American countries, but if you squat in Japan you will totally be frowned upon. And indeed, a lot of dumb teenagers squat-sit as if they're taking a dump in public.

If you must squat, do it discreetly or at least keep your knees tightly together (which may not be your definition of squat at all). If you are talking about the exercise, you are free to squat-exercise where exercising is appropriate.
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