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Finding a job with tattoo 2020/5/23 15:15
Hello guys, I just wanna know if I could still get to work in japan even if I have a tattoo on my back.? Or does it matter if its visible or not. ?

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Re: Finding a job with tattoo 2020/5/23 22:05
It really depends on your job.

If your teaching English and your back is not visible - then I don't see that as being a problem.

If your a life guard where it will be viewable - then it's a different story. To the best of my knowledge - having non-viewable tattoos as a foreigner is not such a problem unless it's a very traditional workplace or it's in a very viewable position.

If I was you - having a tattoo would be more of a problem with entering hot springs than getting a general job in Japan. Locals will know more than I
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Re: Finding a job with tattoo 2020/5/24 00:47
If the tattoo is not visible then it does not exist. Period. Assuming that is the case (because the number of foreign residents who work shirtless in Japan is probably less than 0.01%) then there is no problem. Don't tell your boss about it. If for some reason anyone asks if you have a tattoo then just tell them no. Some Japanese (and I suppose foreign) people will have a kind of philosophical issue with you getting a job at a no-tattoo company when you do in fact have a tattoo. Ignore them. Enjoy your life, your tattoo, and your career.

Again, if nobody can see the tattoo, then there is no tattoo.
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Re: Finding a job with tattoo 2020/5/24 07:26
Add to the above comments - there are a growing number of Japanese people with visible tattoos. I see them frequently - visible - places like arms and legs. I also see the occasional people with large back tattoos - most notably last year while at a summer festival when the guys carrying the mikoshi (portable shrines) were stripped down to help counter the summer heat. No one took any notice/exception - just local people enjoying their local festival.
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Re: Finding a job with tattoo 2020/5/24 15:12
there are at least two groups (societies), one may allow it and anther may not.
those two are not mixed together (not on the same boat).
if you have tattoos on your body, you may not get a job from the latter society.
I think this in universal phenomenon. tattooed persons in Onsen are not serious things.( it is just formality request.)

in the past (after WW2), Japan was a rare country : most people believed that they are in average situation. now, this has changed. rich people become more rich and poor become more poor. it becomes very hard for poor to be rich.@everything is polarized. children of highly educated parents will have high education. but low becomes low.
what I want to say here is that people who may not allow tattoo, are rich, and are highly educated, (and probably conservative), are in the same society group.
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