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Student visa to specified visa possible? 2020/5/24 07:15
Hi, I have a student visa and I'm currently studying in a Japanese language school. However, my school will be ending next month and my visa expires in September. I have no plans of extending in school anymore so I've just decided to look for alternatives. The JLPT examination on July is also cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic. I'm also considering looking for jobs that can sponsor me a working visa. Is it okay for a language school student like me to apply for such visa?
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Re: Student visa to specified visa possible? 2020/5/24 16:52
If you find an employer in Japan who is interested in your skills and experience and is willing to sponsor you for a specific type of work visa, and you fulfill the immigrationfs requirements for that one, that should be possible. (But I see youfve posted another questionc)
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